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Everyday at 9.45 pm in the night my son comes to me holding his favourite storybook. He is six years old. Invariably, i am busy during that time doing something important.... " You go to bed i will be with you in five minutes..." I say. He keeps persisting... I then raise my voice and say " Go to bed i told you i will come in five minutes..." and so my little one wraps his favourite story book around his arms and walks to the bedroom. It is interesting to note what happens after that .....

I continue doing my work. " Appa(Dad) come fast i am waiting for you....."? comes a sweet little voice from the bedroom . I want to go but i am in the midst of something important.. Five minutes later he again shouts "Come quickly i am feeling sleepy ...." . " I am just finishing i will be there in a moment" i say.... Ten minutes pass by and suddenly i realise that i had forgotten to go to the bedroom. I dash to the bedroom but my son had already slept.... He was fast asleep.... I do all sorts of funny things to wake him up but he is in deep sleep... He his holding his favourite story book in his hands and sleeping. I feel very guilty..... It was not the first time that this has happened....

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